Set in Block
Blockchain Based Permanent Records
Read and Write Immutable and Everlasting Messages in the Ethereum Transactions Chain
Copyright Protection with Set in Block
Create the unique ID for your authentic work. It's a random looking 64 characters string.
Write this ID in the Ethereum blockchain. Optionally, upload the actual work file to IPFS.
Get the mathematically-based proof about the authorship and ownership of your work.
You can create a proof of existence and/or ownership for your authentic work, e.g. design, musical composition, code, movie script, or anything else that can be considered as intellectual property and falls under copyright protection law.

Read more on how to use Set in Block for intellectual property protection.
Censorship Resistant Messages
The above is a real-life example from the Chinese #MeToo movement. Read an article about this case.

Valuable Content Archive
The Afterlife
Zorba the Buddha
Interesting or important content that can be stored permanently in the blockchain to make it available for future generations and to promote long-term thinking.

Resolutions, Declarations, Confessions and other Public Statements
First Things First Manifesto 2000
New Year's Resolution
1st Link Marine BigMacâ„¢ Platoon
Confession of Love
Resolutions and declarations become more powerful when they are publicly available and there is no way to take them back. A person is then obliged to follow his or her promises. Also, you can claim something publicly, create an acknowledgment or give a credit, create a permanent confession of love or record the fact of marriage.

The options for setting things in block are endless. By recording a file's hash in the blockchain, you can set in block virtually anything. The thing represented in the file, no matter the format, receives an immutable and incorruptible timestamp, which works as a proof-of-existence. Such a proof never expires, it cannot be edited or deleted, and it can always be independently verified.
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Set in Block is a free and open-source digital service based on the Ethereum blockchain.