Blockchain-Based Permanent Message Creator and Reader
Make an everlasting promise, create a proof of fact, bypass censorship...
Enter a message and "set in stone" it on the blockchain

How it works
How it works

The message you enter will be encoded into a hexadecimal format and then included in the data field of Ethereum transaction.

To add this message to the blockchain, you will be asked to execute the transaction with your MetaMask browser extension. You only need to pay the transaction fee, as the value of the transaction is 0.

The longer is your message, the bigger is the transaction fee. Gas Limit is calculated automatically, according to the size of your message, so do not change it. Gas Price is set to 3 Gwei, but you can change it freely, depending on the network conditions.

We never see your private key or any other sensitive data, as the transaction is executed on the client side, through the MetaMask extension. You can inspect the code of our website by looking into its source or visiting its GitHub repository.

You can also download the application package from GitHub and launch it from your local disk by opening index.html in your browser.

The message submission is anonymous. Besides Google Analytics with IP anonymization, we do not use any trackers or cookies. We do not use a database and do not collect any information about the website users.
Blockchain message reader
Paste your transaction hash or check the example provided below:

Set in Block v0.1